Our Organization

Representing Montanans Since 1976


The Treasure State Resources Association of Montana brings together diverse industry, labor, agriculture and recreation groups to work together on issues that affect land use and resource development in Montana.

The organization was formed in 1976 when representatives of organized labor, agriculture and industry recognized they had a common interest in seeing good jobs created by growing Montana’s economic opportunities. Later, motorized recreation interests joined the mix as they saw the need to protect their access to public lands.

The organization helps its different members and member organizations work together to accomplish what might be difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish on their own. The Treasure State Resources Association carries a unique message about the impact regulatory decisions on one industry may have on other businesses, as well as on working families and local communities.

The organization is governed by an elected Board of Directors representing the diversity of the group’s membership. Activities are carried out by an Executive Director based in Helena, Montana.


  • Provide information about the potential impact of proposed legislative and regulatory changes to members, elected officials and the public
  • Develop coalitions to engage in legislative or regulatory developments important to members
  • Prepare and distribute reports and alerts on important issues to keep members informed and involved
  • Provides year-round monitoring of the activities of federal, state and local government agencies, Congress and the Montana Legislature
  • Hold an annual membership meeting with speakers on current topics
  • Host a legislative reception and showcase highlighting Montana’s natural resource industries at the beginning of every legislative session