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Much Ado About Nothing

Source:  Montana Petroleum Report, June 14, 2017    Montana Petroleum Association

Contact:  Jessica Sena (406) 590-8675

It’s become difficult to decipher between reality and alarmism these days.  To add insult to injury, President Trump can’t seem to take two steps without being ridiculed from every direction.

The latest point of contention has been his decision to disengage from the Paris Climate Accord (PCA).  But is all the noise justified?  Perhaps not, and here’s why.

First, the agreement is called an “accord” in the United States, rather than a treaty.  This is significant because the difference is that a treaty must be ratified by the U.S. Senate.  Fearing rejection in Congress, former Secretary of State, John Kerry argued against binding targets to reduce emissions such as those in the Kyoto Protocol.  As an “accord”, the President could bypass Congress and commit $1 billion in taxpayer dollars towards the $100 billion-dollar goal promised by signors of the climate agreement to assist developing nations in reaching their respective climate goals.  That’s $1 billion dollars that could have been used on research and development of innovative and emerging energy technologies on American soil.

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